What Do I Do Now That My IT Contract Is Ending?

What Do I Do Now That My IT Contract Is Ending?

By Published On: September 10, 2018Categories: Career Advice

With more businesses opting to use contract employment models, the way professionals find and retain employment is drastically changing. With such a changing environment, especially in the tech industry, how do tech professionals move on to the next phase of their careers when their current contract is ending? How do they position themselves to find their next role?

The 4 Steps to Take in Preparation of Your Contract Ending

While any job transition can be hard, a contract ending can make a tech professional feel overwhelmed and anxious about the future. However, with a little preparation ahead of time, the end of a contract can be an exciting experience full of new opportunities.

Step 1: Cleanup Your Resume

Your resume is the first thing prospective employers or recruiters see. Thus, your resume must be free of typos and grammatical errors. A tech professional’s resume should sell them and their skills. Make sure you add your current role to your resume along with any applicable details. Furthermore, keeping your resume fresh and ready is critical in the world of contract employment.

Step 2: Look at Adding Certifications or Enhancing Skills

While you are cleaning up and updating your resume, it may be time to add some certifications and additional training in order to further entice prospective employers. Look at open job postings to get an idea of what certifications are required or preferred for your desired role. Once you get a feel for desired versus required certifications, you can make a cost-benefit analysis to see if a certification is a worthwhile investment for you at this point in your career. Moreover, staying on top of the latest certifications and skills is crucial for a tech professional to succeed in the contract employment market.

Step 3: Contact a Professional Recruiter

With your resume cleaned up, and possibly enhanced by new certifications or skills, it’s time to contact a professional recruiter. With the nature of contract employment, a relationship with a recruiter is key to staying continually employed. A professional recruiter who specializes in contract employment can help guide professionals through this new terrain. Using their industry connections and relationships, recruiters can find the right contract roles for tech professionals.

Step 4: Network

Networking is critical to professional development, especially in the world of contract employment. By networking, a tech professional can get an idea of how industry peers are adjusting to contract work. Also, industry connections established by networking keep a professional up to date on the latest tech trends and may even lead to their next role.

Going Forward

Contract employment is a relatively new and exciting employment model that offers unique opportunities and flexibility. However, with this flexibility comes a bit of uncertainty regarding sustaining continuous employment. The best way to weather this potential uncertainty is preparation and an established relationship with a professional recruiter.

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