Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

Do Your Due Diligence

When businesses conduct regulatory reporting tasks manually, there is a high chance of human error and omissions. From multiple staff pulling from different reports to time-consuming processes draining staff resources, regulatory reporting can also be a costly manual process. However, it is absolutely critical to ensure compliance in your business. Even a small mix-up could be detrimental.

Enlist our help with these essential back-end details to free up your time, and focus on your business growth. Get custom automated regulatory reporting solutions for your business, ensuring that you are always compliant through ever-changing rules and regulations. Access independently sourced data to confirm reporting eligibility, or detailed reports to comply with transparency and transaction reporting.

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Here’s What Others Are Saying About Us

“We have used ASB Resources as a niche vendor for several years to partner with us on several regulatory and technology transformation projects. ASB Resources provided experienced regulatory professionals with the required skills to complement the team, hit the ground running quickly, and orchestrate flawlessly. ASB is one of the critical partners in building a solid cross-regulatory and cross-asset regulatory platform that has passed all regulatory exams with no fines for over ten years. I highly recommend the team ASB.”

– SK Director, Major Banking Industry Client

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The ASB Regulatory Reporting Process

How We Work

Based on your specific needs, we build a system and process to help you ensure compliance. Our regulatory reporting transformations can include:

  • Implementation of New Regulations

  • Technology and Functional Road Mapping
  • Controls for Reporting, Review, and Reconciliations
  • Real-Time Reporting Capabilities
  • And other strategies designed for your business.

Our process includes a customized solution for immediate and ongoing reporting needs.

Our Services

Enhance your data availability, security, use, and management with specialized Cloud support.

Existing Regulation
  • Migration plan to a new trade repository (regulations)

  • Targeted compliance with jurisdictional regulations

  • Clear identification of trades and transactions
  • C-Level summary, recommendations, and remediations

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New Regulations
  • Analyzed path to compliance

  • Work streams, specs, and use case testing
  • Strategy, retention, and usability guidance
  • Procedures and training materials

Ongoing Compliance
  • Implementation of remediation steps
  • Reporting lifecycle dashboard view
  • Operational intelligence controls

Stay Compliant With Trustworthy, Reliable Reporting
Stay Compliant With Trustworthy, Reliable Reporting
Let us handle your urgent regulations so you can focus on your important growth.