Let Executive Recruiters Be Your Friend, Not Enemy

Let Executive Recruiters Be Your Friend, Not Enemy

By Published On: September 9, 2018Categories: Career Advice

With historic levels of employment, it can be a real challenge to staff open positions, especially executive positions. Using an executive recruiter can alleviate the challenge out of staffing these senior-level roles. Executive recruiters bring a wealth of benefits to the table and can be an essential part of your corporate staffing strategy.

The Top 5 Benefits of Working With an Executive Recruiter

1. Access to Top Industry Talent

Executive recruiters have a connection to top industry talent that may not be available elsewhere. With their vast networks and personal relationships, they have access to talent that isn’t visible on the open market. By using an executive recruiter, you can tap into talent you would have missed otherwise via traditional internet job postings. For example, many top executives wouldn’t even consider submitting an online application.

2. Well Versed in Current Market Compensation

When partnering with an executive recruiter, you have an industry expert who knows the market. This market knowledge will ensure the compensation package you present a candidate will be just right, neither too low nor too high. This insight into compensation will prevent losing the candidate due to a low-ball offer or hiring them for more than their market value.

Especially in tech today, compensation packages are going beyond the usual salary, health insurance and disability coverage. Many companies are turning to other perks to attract and retain IT talent. An executive recruiter will be able to keep you updated on the perks that competitors are offering, ensuring you stay ahead of the pack. 

3. Serve as a Barrier  

Utilizing an executive recruiter provides a company with a barrier from the onslaught of potential candidates. All the emails, phone calls and messages on LinkedIn can be addressed by the recruiter preventing an impact on your day-to-day business. Also, this limited interaction will ensure when you do communicate with candidates, your time is spent wisely.

4. The Ability to Fully Vet and Research Candidates Quickly 

Executive recruiters know how to evaluate candidates and how to deal with them. Through years of experience, they can quickly scan a resume and know if a candidate is worth interviewing. Executive recruiters also have the time to follow up on references and do a little research into a candidate’s background and credentials, thus preventing fraud or embellishment situations. 

5. Save Time and Money

Executive recruiters not only save businesses time by weeding out candidates, they also save them money. The cost of having an in-house recruiting team can be extremely high; especially a group specifically targeted for executive recruitment, where it’s just not appropriate to use junior HR professionals. Using an outside executive recruitment firm can also save a company money on advertising on job boards which usually show little to no return on investment. 

Looking to partner with an executive recruiter?

There are many benefits to using an executive recruiter, though not all recruiters are the same. It’s best to look for a true industry expert who has the connections and knowledge to help grow your business. ASB Resources is dedicated to finding the right executives for your growing business. Let us put our connections and knowledge to work for you providing you with top industry talent to make your business thrive now and into the future. Connect with an executing recruiting specialist today!

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