Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Transform your data into valuable business intelligence and analytics to make informed, numbers-driven decisions to maximize your impact.

Drive Growth & Profitability

The problem we face with trillions of data points is how to interpret them into actionable insights so that you can act on it accordingly.

ASB Resources offers BI experts who combine analytic skills with the ability to create actionable reporting. We arm you with the information and key insights you need to make mission-critical decisions with confidence.

Gain a competitive advantage by zooming out of each individual data point to a macro level, allowing you to predict behavior and accurately forecast the smartest direction for your business.

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How We Work With Your Data

We help you develop an understanding of how to clearly define what your data means, offering a comprehensive and ongoing program that:

  • Gathers, collects and stores data
  • Compiles and analyzes stored data

  • Communicates the relevance of the data
  • Consistently innovate and deliver projects
  • Creates strategies to leverage the data

ASB Resources centralizes, analyzes, and offers insights into your data to give it form and structure so that you can extract relevant meaning from it to drive your business forward.

Our Process

Streamline and access your data faster and more efficiently than traditional storage systems with a centralized repository to secure and manage your data.

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Assessment & Proposal

Access data and propose suitable data ecosystems and services to suit enterprise-wide consumption.

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Data Lakes

Design and build efficient on-prem cloud or hybrid data lake solutions.

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Support Services

Manage, report, and control data investments through efficient and effective administration.

Advanced Data Analytics Drives Smarter Decisions

Create more meaning out of your secure, centralized data, using key insights on critical numbers.

Make more informed decisions, forecast trends, inform agility and growth, or find mismatches between your products and your customers.

Our services offer you:

  • Optimal brand coverage and performance across managed markets
  • Omnichannel customer-centric marketing
  • Actionable insights for precise customer journeys

  • Commercial models for real-world complexities

  • Strategies to generate higher sales

Stay ahead of your competition by analyzing your past in real-time to help you determine your future.

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Here’s What Others Are Saying About
Our Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Services

“I have worked with ASB resources for few years now and I must acknowledge that time and again they have provided us with talented resources. Their sourcing, screening, and onboarding procedure is seamless, and we have experienced it multiple times. I am very confident of working with ASB and I am sure they will continue to provide excellent services to us and other clients as well. ”

– RM (Director, Major Banking Industry Client)

Our BI & Data Analytics Solutions Empower You To
Gain Competitive Advantage & Grow Your Business
Gain Competitive Advantage & Grow Your Business