Tech Jobs In High Demand – How To Position Yourself For Career Advancement

Tech Jobs In High Demand – How To Position Yourself For Career Advancement

By Published On: August 27, 2021Categories: Career Advice

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, average salaries in the tech industry in the United States are soaring. As per a recent tech report, the average salary for IT roles increased by 3.6 percent between late 2019 through late 2020. It doesn't seem significant, but it represents a considerable rise when annual increments were below 1% over the previous three years.

Salary increases were seen in several of the country's major technological centers during the last year. For example, average incomes in Silicon Valley (including San Francisco) increased 4.7 percent year over year to $123,826.

This can be attributed to the increasing need for tech solutions to work remotely in small and large corporations efficiently. Companies need collaborative tools, mobile applications, and eCommerce sites as the new mode of business.

If you are looking to venture into the IT job market, here are some of the top roles.

Information Security Analyst

Currently, data is needed at almost every stage when designing products or offering services. Therefore, there is a need to protect this data and other systems and networks from internal and external threats.

To get a job as an information security analyst, one would need a degree in computer science, programming or a similar field. However, if you have other forms of certification, say from a boot camp or experience, do not hesitate to apply.

Cloud Architect

An ideal cloud architect should have extensive experience with multiple operating systems, how they work, and scale them. To have an even more significant advantage, they should be skilled in programming and protecting the company's data, both internal and external breaches.

In general, cloud architects should have a degree in computer science or computer engineering. A plus would be experience or a degree in network administration.

Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile application development is an excellent skill to possess. This is because it is the preferred mode of doing business for most users and also companies. In addition, mobile applications are easy, convenient, and pretty simple to set up.

To excel in app development, one should have extensive knowledge of operating systems like Windows, iOS and Android, and JavaScript. In addition, one would need a degree in computer science or a similar field. However, even talented individuals who have attended coding boot camps that focus on mobile application development can venture down this path.

Software Developer

Software development is a skill where one cannot go wrong. This is because software development encompasses many talents and an expanse of knowledge. A software developer is in charge of designing, developing, installing, testing, and maintaining software systems.

Software developers are highly demanded because they are a complete package, with knowledge in coding, designing, and building applications, websites, or mobile apps and working with multiple programming languages.

Software developers require at least a two to a four-year degree in computer science and associate degrees in relevant skills. A few boot camps and internships would also come in handy.

Software Engineer

One of the most adaptable and competitive technological jobs is software engineering. We use software engineers' work daily: software developers built the apps on our phones, laptops and other devices. Software developers even designed our internet browsers, an indispensable tool to humankind.

This is not a job that is going to be scrapped off anytime soon. However, if you are interested in this booming field, you need to have mountains of experience to compete favorably. This is because employers are no longer settling for just a degree in computer science. To stay on the safer side, have a master's degree in computer science and practical experience in developing software applications. Alternatively, you can opt for intense coding boot camps.

Systems analyst

Systems analysts are essential in any company because they provide ways to resolve IT systems challenges. In addition, systems analysts test programs and databases to ensure they are functioning correctly and conduct security audits.

To compete favorably, a computer systems analyst should have a degree in computer science, Management Information Systems (MIS), Computer systems analysis, Information science, Business analytics.

Database administrator

A DBA is responsible for the administration of database management software. They ensure that servers and other computer systems are at top performance.

Usually, they also monitor activities like backing up data, replication, and ensuring the security of the company's database.

A bachelor's degree in computer science, information science, or a similar subject is generally required of database managers. However, you can also have an associate degree in any course linked to information and communication technology under your belt. You could also want to attain a database administrator certification from a company like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft.

Other roles in the tech world would propel your career to greater heights, but the above are some of the most highly demanded at the moment.

Is your company in need of any of the above professionals?

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