Post Graduate Plan

Post Graduate Plan

By Published On: March 2, 2021Categories: Career Advice

For many college students, graduation is one of the more exciting but also daunting events in life. It represents a transition to a new phase where they need to build a career with little to no experience in their field.

Often, a graduate’s first job may require them to learn new habits, build relationships with new people, and in many ways, grow as a person. This process can vary from one organization to another depending on what expectations are set, and what training is available for new employees.

That being said, there are some general practices that can help any graduate have a successful first year at work, and become an asset to any team:

Proofread Emails Thoroughly

Attention to detail is an attribute that rarely works against you. Communication at work is extremely important, and the use of emails makes this area one to put emphasis on.

As a new employee, you should always make sure that your message is addressed to the right person in the chain of command, has the appropriate tone and is worded in a way that will achieve its intended purpose.

While this may not seem like a big deal, errors in emails can be very catastrophic, especially if there’s sensitive data involved. A failure to become adept at proofing your communication may also portray you as someone who is not able to handle communicating on behalf of a team, or important client/company information.

Always Respond

Regardless of whether you have a solution or not, it is good practice to respond to calls and other kinds of messages promptly. Even if you are busy at the time of being contacted, let the other party know that you’ll get back to them shortly.

This not only shows the person you are interacting with that you are taking the matter seriously, but also helps you to prepare for any tasks associated with the correspondence. Endeavor to be clear and put a time-bound expectation to your response expected response.

Inquire When Prioritizing

It is not ideal to guess at priorities. When you are starting a new role and need clarification on which tasks are most important, try asking a team member.

Additionally, ensure that you know exactly when you are expected to deliver a particular piece of work or product. Keep the conversation continuous so that you can adjust your plan in case the priorities of those you report to or the company change.

Be Proactive and Ask Only When Necessary

Everyone needs a little guidance, but as a new employee, it is important to seek answers from other only when those answers are unavailable elsewhere. Take the initiative to find out the answers you need on your own. The more you figure things out by yourself, the more you appear as someone who can easily come up with a solution to a problem or be self-sufficient.

Maintain a Forward Stance and Positive Attitude Towards Problems

As someone new to an organization, doing the bare minimum may seem like enough, but only if you want to stay stagnant. You do not have to overwork yourself and try to do everyone’s job, but you should always be on the lookout for an opportunity to make yourself more useful to the organization at large.

If a chance to fill in for someone in a field where you are not an expert arises, do not shy away. Embrace situations that nudge you into learning new skills. This will make you more indispensable and likely land yourself a promotion in the future.

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