Why You Should Use IT Staffing Firms To Keep Big Data Within Your Project Team

Why You Should Use IT Staffing Firms To Keep Big Data Within Your Project Team

By Published On: September 10, 2018Categories: Project Solutions

Big data is everywhere you look today. Companies are trying to stay on top of all the changes occurring in big data as the practice continues to evolve. With this constant state of evolution, it’s crucial to keep big data within your organization and your project team. So, how do businesses keep this vital practice area alive and well within their corporate strategy?

IT Staffing Firms Are Here to Help

Providing Expensive Niche Talent, Without the Long-Term Commitment

The talent required to deal with big data successfully isn’t easy to find nor inexpensive. For example, the yearly full-time salary for a data scientist ranges from $100,000 to $168,000, not including benefits. Utilizing a staffing firm and their temporary employment models allows a company to have access to this specific niche talent when needed without the long-term commitment of permanent salary requirements.

Moreover, a staffing firm can provide businesses with a temporary group of big data professionals to “test out” big data solutions. If the solution proves successful, the staffing firm can keep existing talent in place or find permanent replacements. If the solution doesn’t prove to be worthwhile, there isn’t a worry of placing these high-paid assets into your organization and your budget.

Ability to Phase in the Expense

Big data costs big money. While improvements and savings can be found when using BI or BA, the return on investment doesn’t occur overnight. Using a staffing firm allows a company to slowly phase in their big data team, without worrying about growing too large, too quickly. With a staffing firm’s industry connections, big data talent can be brought on as your needs and requirements change. Also, since staffing firms can operate on a temporary or part-time employment model, it allows companies to budget for high-paid data professionals over time, reducing the expense.

Planning Ahead

For now, and into the foreseeable future, big data will continue to dominate the business world. For organizations to remain competitive in the market, it is necessary to incorporate big data into their corporate strategies. However, with the high cost and demand for big data talent, this can be a challenging task.

At ASB Resources, we provide our clients with big data talent who deliver results. We also work with our clients to create staffing strategies that suit their needs whether they require temporary or permanent full-time arrangements. Contact our staffing specialists today to recruit your big data team.

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