Why Mobile BI Should Be The Next Innovation For Your Tech Firm!

Why Mobile BI Should Be The Next Innovation For Your Tech Firm!

By Published On: April 27, 2019Categories: Business Intelligence

Is your company still in the research stage of evaluating Business Intelligence (BI) systems? If so, an important metric to include when comparing different BI system is the mobile interface. Here are three key reason why mobile BI can be a major innovation for your company.

1. Increase Collaboration with Mobile BI

Most BI platforms are cloud-based, which allows for real time access to data from anywhere at any time. Mobile business intelligence allows remote or traveling team members to instantly communicate with the office-based team on business issues or time sensitive information. This visibility allows stakeholders to review, interpret and make action plans on critical data, such as pricing, customer inquiries, inventory levels, etc. The benefit of immediate collaboration is the ability to take action based on shared intelligence.

2. Rapid Response Leads to Faster Resolution

Business Intelligence platforms enable your company to make use of valuable customer behavior that can help your sales team cross-sell and up-sell your products or services at the exact right time in your customer’s buying cycle. BI systems can aggregate singular issues into a centralized report, allowing management to forecast potential company-wide problems and take remedial steps. This intelligence is important for prospecting leads, customer experience, production, inventory and fulfilment.

3. Controlled Access: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device 

Mobile BI allows for long term or temporary access for as many people in your company that need it. Permission levels can be set with various degrees of detailed data or you can grant access high level reports-only.

Companies are quickly changing business policies to incorporate and embrace employees that use their own devices for work purposes, this is referred to as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This makes sense, since most people come to work with mobile devices, literally in-hand, which allows for BI cloud-based information to easily be shared with front line employees for improved decision making. 

BI Can Drive Your Growth

At ASB Resources, our Business Intelligence expertscombine analytic skill with the ability to create actionable reporting. This gives you the information you need to explore new opportunities with confidence. Are you ready to take a competitive advantage? Reach out to ASB Resources’ BI advisorsto learn more.

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