Why ASB Resources’ Cybersecurity Services Can Uniquely Help Your IT Firm

Why ASB Resources’ Cybersecurity Services Can Uniquely Help Your IT Firm

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Recruiting for cybersecurity requires unique knowledge and a nuanced approach to find and attract these highly intelligent and in-demand CISO professionals. It’s critical when seeking out a recruitment agency, they have IT recruitment experience, along with a true understanding of the cybersecurity industry, job roles, IT tools and professional certifications that make candidates special.

ASB Resources: Uniquely Qualified in Cybersecurity Recruitment

There are hundreds of different job roles within cybersecurity, and IT firms as well as candidates will expect recruiters to understand the differences. 

At ASB Resources, our cybersecurity recruiters will work with your IT firm to learn the details about the qualifications, certifications and security tools you need to recruit talent for. Additionally, we understand industry regulations and compliance requirements and will match a candidate’s experience to the needs of your organization and industry.

Finding and Attracting Rare Cybersecurity Talent

Understanding cybersecurity roles and qualifications is just the foundation of working with a successful cybersecurity recruiting agency. One challenge within this space is that unemployment is nonexistent. There is a critical gap between the increasing number of cybersecurity positions and the number of qualified candidates – and with cyberattacks increasing across the globe, the demand will continue to rise. This gives candidates the advantage to ‘shop’ for the best compensation package and be extremely selective about the organization they decide to work for.

At ASB Resources, our cybersecurity recruiters research and seek out the hidden talent pool of cybersecurity professionals. Just like a cybersecurity professional is an expert at finding threats and anomalies in IT systems, our recruiting team is expert at finding and attracting the rare talent your IT firm needs.

Networking Isn’t Just for IT Firms

The difference with ASB Resources is our recruitment team is involved within the cybersecurity industry. Not only do our recruiters understand the new developments and challenges within cybersecurity, they have developed trusted and lasting relationships with CISOs, information security engineers, analysts, managers and auditors. It’s these relationships that allow our team to find the ‘hidden’ talent pool of cybersecurity professionals that are at the very beginning stages of thinking about a career move. 

With these professional and confidential relationships, we are able to recruit and place the cybersecurity talent your IT firm needs, whether it’s for a permanent position or project work.

Partner With an Experienced Cybersecurity Recruitment Agency

It’s critical for your IT firm to work with an experienced recruiter that understands the unique challenges of cybersecurity recruitment. Reach out to the experienced team at ASB Resources to learn more.

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