What’s New In Business Intelligence For 2019

What’s New In Business Intelligence For 2019

By Published On: January 16, 2019Categories: Business Intelligence

With the rising complexity of the business intelligence environment, the identification of trends is a key factor in effective decision-making. BI-Survey recently released its BARC’s BI Trend Monitor for 2019 from 2,679 participants of users, consultants and vendors on BI trends compared by industry and regionally.

3 Most Important Trends of BI

The three most important trends of BI and data management technology have been the most popular since 2016. These include: data quality/master data management, data discovery/visualization and self-service BI.

Data Discovery/Visualization

Data discovery is a business users process for detecting patterns by visually reviewing data and applying advanced analytics. It requires skills in understanding data relationships and data modeling to reveal insights.

Visualizations make use of our brains’ pattern recognition capabilities to digest information. Business users can consume and make decisions better by looking at charts and graphs with easy comparison features. Visualization has been an ongoing trend since 2016. Earlier in the year, ASB Resources covered this topic on our blog, BI Trends to be Aware of Now.

Data Qualify/Master Data Management

The high demand for data discovery tools reflects a huge shift in the BI world towards increased data usage and the extraction of insights and patterns from data. This means operational decisions and long-term planning are based on data and insights. In order for this to work, employees need relevant and reliable information in a timely fashion.

Self-Service BI

The desire for business users to carry out their own BI tasks and reports instead of requesting data from IT is one of the top trends in BI for 2019. This passes the responsibility to the users. Often depending on their role, the users can then create or modify reports and dashboards, integrate data and modify or create data models. This is important because it gives business departments access to data and information anywhere and anytime.

3 Top Upward Trends in BI

As far as upward trends go, the top trends are data preparation for business users, data governance, and analytics teams. data labs.

Data preparation for Business Users

This is the top upward trend moving up from 5.5 to 6.2. Data preparation is the process of preparing and providing data for data discovery, data mining and advanced analytics. Data preparation needs to be a valuable step in the process of creating value from the data. It is often viewed as an outsourced task, or a task for a junior level of the BI team. When in reality, the governance of data preparation needs a high degree of competence.

What 2019 BI Trends Are You Seeking?

Preparing for BI success starts now. It’s never too early to start thinking about how to incorporate these BI trends into your 2019 strategy.

At ASB Resources, we are proven business solutions providers. We can aid in your inclusion of BI into your business and start moving your company into the future. Connect with one of our top staffing specialists today!

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