What Makes Top Executive Recruiters The Best?

What Makes Top Executive Recruiters The Best?

By Published On: March 4, 2019Categories: Management Tips

Top executive recruiters start with building trust between the hiring manager and potential candidates. They realize their relationships with both parties will continue well after the offer letter is signed. Here are a few traits you should look for in an executive recruiter.

Become Part of the Team

Get to know the members of the current team and understand what they have already and what their hiring needs really are.  Executive recruiters learn a lot from listening to everybody and presenting their own point of view, after all, they hired you for your depth of experience – so use it! This approach will not only provide a more refined search, it will also build trust and establish your authority with the hiring manager.

Focus on Vision and Values

All recruiters will select candidates based on professional skills and experience, that is given. What sets top executive recruiters apart from the crowd is they go beyond skills and experience and dig deeper into visions and values. Does the candidate have a vision? Will she live by her values? Does she fit into your company culture? These intangible skills are especially important in the executive search because they will be directly imparted onto entire departments or teams and have a much larger potential to shape how the company functions.

Recognize the Uniqueness of Each Candidate

Frequent, personalized contact with your candidates creates a positive experience for the candidate. You are the first impression and their main contact for the company you are contracted with. In essence, you represent the values and culture of the company. So make the company irresistible to work for from your interaction with the candidate.

Stay in Touch

Strong relationships between a recruiter and a candidate extend beyond the offer letter. Executive recruiters often stay in touch with the candidate during the onboarding process and even the first few months of employment. This approach will help track the new hire’s success and develop relationships for networking on future positions at the company.

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