What IT Skills And Jobs Are Employers Looking To Promote?

What IT Skills And Jobs Are Employers Looking To Promote?

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What IT skills will be in demand when you are seeking your next promotion? IT recruiters and industry experts have forecasted what skills IT professionals should develop based on the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, machine learning and analytics. Here are the specific IT jobs and skills that employers will be seeking in the next five years.

Data and Analytic Jobs

The 2017 report The Quant Crunch(by IBM) predicts significant growth in data-related roles, estimating that the number of data-related jobs in the United States will increase to 2.7 million by 2020, up from 2.3 million in 2015. 

These data positions require a mix of skills. IT departments will need professionals with knowledge of SQL and data visualization tools as well as professionals who know how to gather, clean, analyze and present data. Positions in demand will be data scientist, big data engineers, database managers, database developers and data architects.

Solution Architects

There is an emerging need for hybrid business-IT professionals that can join multisolutions to design strategic initiatives with a big picture business outcome view. This work requires professionals with a range of technical skills and business acumen, while understanding emerging technologies.

IT Jobs From Emerging Technology

Emerging jobs that are in their early stages of enterprise deployment include AI developer, industrial IoT engineer, blockchain developer/engineer and robotics engineer. Both trainers and professors are needed to teach these skills to current IT professionals and students.

DevOps is Not Dead

Enterprise IT networks will still need developers with specific languages. Scripting and object-oriented coding languages will remain in demand, including: C++, Django, JavaScript, Python, R, Ruby and Ruby.

Make Your Next IT Move

Information technology is a rapidly changing industry and IT professionals typically move to a new position every two to three years. Is an IT career move part of your professional path? Then it’s time to connect with the experienced and professional IT recruiters at ASB Resources. Contact our IT staffing specialists today.

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