The Top Skills IT Professionals Should Be Showing Off On Social Media

The Top Skills IT Professionals Should Be Showing Off On Social Media

By Published On: April 22, 2019Categories: Career Advice

There has been much discussion about what NOT to put on social media when you are embarking on a new career search. But what skills should IT professionals be actively showing off in social media?

Top IT recruiting firms, like ASB Resources, scour LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Spiceworks and other social media and IT forum-related sites to find hidden tech talent. The skills you should be showcasing on social media are a mix of interpersonal, such as communication, leadership and community/industry involvement, as well as your knowledge-base in your specialized field of tech.

Here’s a short overview of what top IT recruiting firms and hiring managers are seeking in candidates, and how they evaluate your social media engagement.

Communication to Various Audiences

IT professionals need to express themselves to both their tech peers, management and other organizational stakeholders. Clear communication, both verbally and written is important. When utilizing social media, use proper grammar, double check your spelling and if you are on video, your pace, dictation and engagement will make you stand apart from your peers.

Professional Leadership

Volunteering to spearhead a project either at work or a community organization showcases your professional leadership abilities. Leading a team of both tech and non-tech professionals demonstrates your ability to work well with others and lead a team or project.

IT Industry Commitment

Becoming involved in both online technology communities and local tech organizations increases your visibility to other corporate leaders, as well as expanding your breadth of experience. Committing time to help increase IT efficiency or security at local nonprofit organizations, shows your passion for your profession and your commitment to serving others in your community.

Share Your IT Expertise

Social media is the ideal venue to contribute to your community by participating in the forum topics you are a subject matter expert on. Reddit is one of the most known communities for this, but most tech companies have user group forums that community members participate in for Q&A.

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