Spring Into A New Job: Advantages Of Temporary Employment

Spring Into A New Job: Advantages Of Temporary Employment

By Published On: March 19, 2020Categories: Career Advice

According to industry statistics from the American Staffing Association, more than three million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week. During the course of a year, America’s staffing companies hire nearly 17 million temporary and contract employees and most (76 percent) work full time, comparable to the overall workforce.

Contrary to popular belief, just because a job is temporary doesn’t mean that it has no advantages. Sometimes, a temporary job placement is exactly what someone’s career needs to propel them to the next level. Before brushing off that temp services opportunity, here are five key points to remember:

Temporary Can Easily Turn Permanent

Keep in mind that temp jobs can, and often do, turn into permanent positions. In fact, the research findings from the American Staffing Association also showed that almost half (49 percent) of staffing employees say it’s a way to get a permanent job, and 9 out of 10 said staffing work made them more employable.

Furthermore, one-third (35 percent) were offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment, and two-thirds (66 percent) of those accepted the offers of permanent employment.

Many opportunities from temp services are specifically temp-to-permanent placements. However, even when this is not explicitly the case, most organizations are very willing to make a temporary job permanent if a high level of dedication and capability is shown during the contract placement.

More Flexibility

Temporary jobs typically offer more flexibility than permanent positions. Temporary workers are able to maintain a better work/life balance than full-time staff because they can leave their workplace as soon they finish their work instead of having to stay to a specific time like permanent employees.

Furthermore, temporary work doesn't call for the same level of commitment as a full-time job. It's much easier to change positions and choose how many hours one wants to work per week. Therefore, temporary work is now a deliberate career choice for many people. The freedom of not being tied down to one employer for the bulk of one’s career is simply too alluring to ignore.

Great Learning Opportunities

Temp jobs are perfect for anyone who is at a crucial stage in the career where they need valuable learning opportunities. They could be a fresh college graduate, someone who has been unemployed for some time, or someone looking to make a critical pivot in their career path.

For anyone who lacks experience or certain skills in a particular field, temporary jobs offer a unique opportunity to make key industry connections, improve one’s resume, and acquire the day-to-day knowledge and expertise required to become a reputable professional in that field.

Covering Resume Gaps  

Temporary positions are perfect for filling holes in one’s resume when in between jobs. Many employers are wary of hiring candidates with long periods of unemployment on their resumes. Temporary work offers an opportunity to maintain continuity on one’s resume while building experience and networking. It also shows hiring managers a sense of ambition and self-drive.

Get Hired Faster

Organizations typically have a speedier hiring process when it comes to temporary positions because there is a sense of urgency around filling these roles. Employers are often looking to hire right away and don’t have time for an exhaustive search. This is advantageous for the candidate because the employer is more likely to be more flexible with hiring requirements and terms of employment.

Are you ready to spring into a new temporary job?

Temporary positions come with advantages to consider as you plan the next step in your career path. Let the talent specialists at ASB Resources help you find and land the perfect temporary work placement for you. Schedule some time with one of our recruiters today!

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