Preparing Your Organization for Mobile BI

Preparing Your Organization for Mobile BI

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Mobile BI or Mobile Business Intelligence refers to the ability to access and use information on mobile phones or tablets rather than desktop computers.

Mobile BI systems are made up of various elements that provide users with data for viewing and analysis on their mobile devices, in order to enable rapid decision-making and management support, for the overall purpose of boosting the performance of an organization.

Benefits of Mobile BI

The widespread use of internet-enabled smartphones and other mobile devices in this now wireless world has led to a new era of mobile computing especially in the field of mobile BI.

Simple and Convenient

Whether you are on a trip away from work, or on a short break between meetings in the office lounge, past data and real time information can be conveniently consumed from almost anywhere and at any time with mobile BI.

As a result of always having access to the relevant data, mobile BI enables the organization to; increase productivity, improve daily operations and facilitate effective crisis management.

Competitive Advantage

Mobile BI systems are also adopted by multiple organizations to keep pace with rivals and to try to gain an advantage over the competition. 

Mobile BI brings about greater availability of information enabling faster reaction speed for users which aids in strategic planning as new competition pops up and market conditions change.

Simplifies Decision-Making

Another benefit of deploying Mobile BI systems is that it speeds up the decision-making process by presenting the users with access to all data necessary.

Having the organization’s data at your fingertips saves the time that would have been otherwise wasted searching for the necessary information, thus accelerating and simplifying the process,


High BI Penetration Rates

Finally, with proper handling of data through mobile BI and the prevalent use of mobile devices worldwide, information can now be accessed by users who were unable to access BI. This results in a higher BI penetration rate within all departments which is beneficial in form of additional information to all regarding the organization.

Challenges of Mobile BI

Data Breach

The biggest challenge faced by organizations providing confidential information to mobile BI is data breach.

In the event that an error occurs when handling data through mobile BI, there is a possibility of having sensitive information destroyed or made public. To counter this, mobile BI providers work continuously to ensure that the BI systems are 100 percent secure to protect their potential users’ data. Furthermore, organizations handling data through Mobile BI ought to be cautious about which users have authorization to access confidential information. 

Data Pile-up

Mobile BI primarily stores data in a systematic manner and then presents it to the user as may be required.  As a result, the user ends up with stacks of real time data and heaps of earlier data in the long run. 

A large portion of the data analyzed by Mobile BI becomes irrelevant or completely useless, which slows down the entire procedure. This requires the users to select the data that is important and required in the future, a process that is both time consuming and cumbersome.

Mobile BI Technology

Mobile BI requires users to operate mobile devices in order to display and actively work with information. Tablets and Smartphones from brands such as Apple, Samsung are the most prevalent today.

In regard to such mobile devices, a significant difference affecting mobile BI is the size of the screen. For example, tablets are typically not subject to the extreme constraints of the small screen of a mobile phone, therefore, they offer more space to display content such as dashboards and reports, business data and KPIs.

There are various ways to implement content on mobile devices and these include: provision of PDF reports to a mobile device, HTML5, Native application and many others.


In Conclusion 

Mobile BI ensures that operational efficiency as well as organizational collaboration are improved and enforced respectively.

Has your organization deployed mobile BI?

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