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At ASB Resources, we understand the vast array of exciting opportunities that await driven life science professionals. With our proactive and strategic recruitment approach, we’re dedicated to attracting skilled and elite candidates, essential to achieving your organization’s mission and overall goals. As trusted pharmaceutical recruiters, ASB stands out in fulfilling highly specialized executive search and contract staffing requirements across the entire life sciences and healthcare sectors.

We grasp the pivotal role talent plays in executing your business objectives. That’s why ASB Resources offers comprehensive staffing services tailored to your specific needs. By identifying and delivering only the highest qualified talent, we ensure you have the expertise required to drive success.

Our holistic staffing approach creates a meaningful impact that extends beyond mere candidate placement. With over twenty-seven years of hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry, ASB boasts a vast network of over 10,000 contacts in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Our highly consultative services cater to both clients and candidates, ensuring optimal fit and mutual satisfaction.

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Companies Love Our Staffing Services

“Recruitment is an important part for any team, and I must say that it is the last thing I worry about as I know that in ASB Resources I have a reliable and trustworthy partner. ASB Resources has provided us candidates with the right skills which allowed us to take on difficult task and complete complex business requirements on time. Grateful to have ASB Resources as our recruitment and implementation partner.”

– PM (Sr. Technology Manager, Major Banking Industry Client)

Enlist Diverse Talent For Your Workplace
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Contingency Staffing

Get an efficient, cost-effective temp.


Find a trial candidate before offering full time.

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Permanent Placement

Fill a full-time skilled position.

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Executive Search

Find proven leaders that fit well.

Offshore Resources

Pick top talent from around the world.

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woman smiling sitting down with other people for an interview

The ASB Recruitment Process

How We Work

Our trusted process gets you reliable top talent to fit into your company culture, in 3 easy steps.

  • Discover We listen to your needs, then act on a recruitment strategy to match you with the right candidates.
  • Interview We vet and curate the best matches to ensure top results on your projects.
  • Integrate We help you onboard your new hires to meld into your culture seamlessly.

Great companies are made of great people, who will become your key resource in achieving success, together.

Great Talent Is Within Your Reach
Great Talent Is Within Your Reach
Great Talent Is Within Your Reach

Execute your projects and achieve your business goals
with top-level talent curated by ASB.