Is Your Company Effectively Using Business Intelligence?

Is Your Company Effectively Using Business Intelligence?

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Business Intelligence (BI) can be a real driver to improving business operations. With BI in hand, companies can better identify, predict and plan for business trends and outcomes. While BI is a powerful tool, there are many issues that can cause this tool to be less effective. So, how do organizations make sure they are getting the most out of their BI program?

The Top Tips for Effective BI Use in Your Organization  

Decide What Your Needs Are, and Then Design

Before implementing a BI program into your organization, you must first devise a strategy. When crafting your BI strategy, identify what issues and problem areas you want BI to help address. After deciding what specific issues you want to target, you can tailor the types of data you want to capture to drive your BI efforts. By starting your BI program implementation process with a strategy in hand, you prevent wasted time, resources and opportunities.

Evaluate BI Use and Make Modifications: Include User Input   

Once your BI program is in place, don’t get complacent. For a BI program to be successful, it requires an ongoing commitment to review, evaluate and change your BI tools and approach. When evaluating your tools, look to your users for input. Much can be learned from the people who are using your BI tools and applications daily. Also, continually measure your BI program against your overall corporate strategy to make sure any changes in business goals, objectives or targets are incorporated into your BI program.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity 

When reviewing the many capabilities that exist for BI tools and applications, it’s hard not to get enthralled by all the possibilities. However, always keep in mind the golden rule of “quality over quantity.” Having too many BI tools can lessen the value of a BI program. Multiple tools and applications make it difficult to narrow in on pertinent results. Focusing on a more manageable BI program can be more beneficial and drive the results you are expecting.

Make Sure Your Employees Use the Information

A BI program is only successful if the information it is generating is being used. Employees in your organization should be encouraged to not only view this information, but include it in presentations and reports. By using BI information regularly, you can build its use into your corporate culture.

BI and Your Company: Planning for the Future

BI can enhance an organization’s grasp on various aspects of their business. However, BI programs are only useful if they are effective. For help in implementing or enhancing your BI program, it’s best to turn to an expert in business solutions consulting. At ASB Resources, we provide businesses both big and small with business solutions that drive results. Contact one of our executive recruiters today to learn more!

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