Is Staffing-as-a-Service the future of IT recruitment?

Is Staffing-as-a-Service the future of IT recruitment?

By Published On: March 15, 2023Categories: Management Tips, Tech Trends

Staffing of your IT division is one of the most vital functions in management since it involves the process of filling a vacant position with the right personnel in the right role at the right time. It is essential that every person is placed appropriately in an IT department, based on their ability, talent, aptitude and specialization, in order for the organization to achieve its goals.


What is Staffing-as-a-Service?

Recruiting employees for an IT team is a lengthy process that very often takes business owners away from much more important obligations, which as a result may be detrimental to the organization. To counter such challenges, many organizations are opting for staffing-as-a-service from various staffing firms, as well as employing staffing technology as an alternative means.

Staffing firms act as a middleman between employers and workers, helping to match qualified IT candidates with organizations that have job openings. These agencies take on the necessary processes and staffing activities to ensure that the right personnel are identified and hired into the right roles. These staffing activities include but are not limited to; profiling the job position, selecting employees, establishing performance standards, evaluating performance, training and development among others.

What are the advantages of using a staffing agency?

In the present times, many employers are increasingly turning to part-time, freelance and temporary workers to fill different workspace gaps in their IT divisions. Staffing agencies have become a valuable resource for their ability to provide the highly advantageous staffing-as-a-service. Below are some of the many benefits the staffing agencies can offer your organization.

Fast hiring

Overtime, the job market has considerably changed and as a result, finding great IT talent has become hard and very time consuming. It is increasingly difficult for managers to review resumes and conduct job interviews, all while carrying out their day-to-day operations. Therefore, turning to a trusted staffing agency makes it all easier, quicker and saves time.

Reduced team workload

When a staffing agency is employed as opposed to assigning hiring responsibilities to a member of the team, the latter individual has more time to concentrate on their daily tasks. Staffing firms eliminate the reduced productivity and heavy workload that would exist if employees had to multitask.


As more companies focus on smaller operations, there is a need to only have workers when they are absolutely needed. Hiring a staffing agency goes hand in hand with the flexibility of having access to freelance and temporary IT employees as and when is needed.

Specialized hiring

When looking to hire a niche worker with specific skills, a specialized staffing firm can make the process stress-free. These agencies often have the necessary connections, resources as well as accumulated pools of tech candidates looking for an opportunity like the one your organization is presenting.

A trusted partner for complete onboarding.

There are certain procedures that cannot be skipped while hiring a new employee, these include verifying the educational achievements, verifying the background, and also making sure that the employee has criminal clearance.

It takes a large amount of time and money to verify and make the necessary reports for these processes. If you are recruiting a staffing agency they would do this work for the company and hence saving a lot of time and capital.

In Conclusion

Using Staffing-as-a-Service is efficient in an organization’s hiring process. Weighing the pros and cons is a great determinant when choosing to partner with a staffing agency.

Has your organization considered Staffing-as-a-Service for IT recruitment?

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