How To Properly Staff Your IT Team

How To Properly Staff Your IT Team

By Published On: March 31, 2023Categories: Management Tips, Tech Trends

Staffing in the tech industry refers to the process of finding, selecting, evaluating and developing a working relationship with current or future employees, with the main goal of filling the various roles within the IT department of an organization. IT staffing is a management process which involves hiring and developing IT manpower required to fill the various positions within the organization.

Lately, Human Resource teams are increasingly outsourcing the staffing of IT manpower to technology staffing firms as well as employing staffing technology. The main objective here is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT manpower recruiting process. Staffing technology encompasses the systems, processes, and software used by modern day recruiting teams, and these include; internal databases, applicant tracking systems and complex web-based job boards.

How to properly staff your IT team

Staffing is a complicated process and finding qualified talent can be rather challenging. Some companies rely on in-house Human Resource management, whereas others employ staffing firms and staffing technology to recruit suitable employees. 

For proper staffing of your IT team, a human resource manager or staffing firm has to perform various steps of staffing that are as follows:

Manpower planning

The very first steps of planning are to evaluate the manpower required by your IT department and matching it with the jobs and positions available. This is also vital in determining the qualifications and skills necessary for specific jobs in the organization.


Once the required manpower, skills and qualifications are evaluated, the next step involves searching for prospective persons that are eligible for the job, and inviting applicants to apply for the available positions. In this process, the employer advertises the vacant positions in the media, making it easy for applicants to know about available job offers and skills required.


During this process, employees are screened, with the main objective of identifying the deserving candidate who will be suitable for a specified job.

Orientation and Placement

Once the suitable candidates are selected, your organization makes the new employees familiar with the working units and working environments, through various orientation programs. Thereafter, the placement is done by putting the right candidate in the right role in an effort to enable proper functioning of your IT team.

Training and Development

Training is an integral part of the staffing process. Once the employees are suitably placed in their respective roles, the next step involves training the employees in order to develop their already existing IT skills and knowledge.

Determination of Remuneration

Remuneration is compensation given to the employees in monetary terms, which is in exchange for the services provided to the organization. At this stage, such compensation is determined based on the work that is to be done  for the IT team.

Performance evaluation

This is an assessment done to evaluate the attitude, behavior and performance of an employee. This step of staffing aids in the determining of the recruitment procedure, as it gives management a clear picture of the IT team staffing success. It includes elements like appraisals, increase in pay, promotion to higher roles  and even transfer of the employee to different locations of the organization.

In Conclusion

Staffing of an IT team is a detail oriented and complex process that requires critical planning from management  in order to be executed properly and successfully, following the process laid out in this article.

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