How To Make Your Remote IT Employees Feel Like They’re In The Office

How To Make Your Remote IT Employees Feel Like They’re In The Office

By Published On: November 7, 2018Categories: Management Tips

Remote employees want the same things as on-site employees want: engaging work, friendly colleagues, an opportunity to contribute, and to be included and appreciated. Here are a few ideas on how employers can help their remote IT employees feel like they are part of the office.

Get to the know them.

Create a time for informal conversations, just like you would have in the lunchroom or at the end of a meeting. Share information on birthdays, pets and personal accomplishments in a digital place like Slack or a closed Facebook page.

Schedule meetings to include remote employees.

Think about time zones for all stakeholders, and schedule the meeting when all team members can come. When hosting video conference meetings, be sure to invite questions and opinions from remote workers. Also, rotate participation and leading meetings to provide everyone an equal opportunity to lead and participate.

Include remote employees in celebrations.

Whether it’s for a new client win or the successful launch of a new app, include all remote employees in the celebration. Simple gestures, like sending them a special note, a surprise pizza delivery or cookie bouquet create a sense of community and team.

Use technology to enhance communication.

Group chat, Messenger, Slack, Microsoft teams, Skype and video conferencing are all ways to informally communicate with each other. Encourage employees to use these systems to stay connected and have fun.

Don’t joke about remote employees not working as hard.

Remote employees can be sensitive about others not valuing their contributions. In reality, remote employees are typically 13 percent more productive than those working in the office, according to Stanford University.

Attract Top IT Talent with a Work From Anywhere Benefit.

Information technology companies have been the forerunners of the work-from-anywhere benefit. As an employer, this lifts geographic boundaries of finding talent; it can also save thousands of dollars a year for employers. If your company has not updated its policy on work from anywhere, then it’s time to review your policy now.

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