How To Build Your Strongest Tech Team Yet

How To Build Your Strongest Tech Team Yet

By Published On: March 4, 2019Categories: Project Solutions

Building a strong technology team starts with hiring the best talent you can afford. In high tech and engineering, your team is your inventory.  You need to invest real money, a real engagement strategy, and a real collaboration environment to build and KEEP your team.

Hiring the Best You Can Afford

By creating a world-class team, other world-class peers will see this and want to join to be part of it. The best leaders handpick candidates based on the strengths and weaknesses of the people in the team. Certain traits are key determining factors in candidate selection, such as work ethic, leadership ability, and a desire to collaborate, teach and learn new methods.

Don’t get stuck fitting all candidates into the same mold or career path. Recruiters often overlook candidates who don’t fit a certain academic profile. The issue with this is people who come from the same background often approach problems the same way. Building a top team involves combining different backgrounds, personalities and perspectives to allow for new and fresh solutions to problems.

Always Challenge Them

Techs and engineers are typically restless people and need to be continually challenged. Give your team members projects that challenge them, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow professionally. Give engineers the opportunity to touch the whole project and use multiple technologies. Let them figure out what they like doing before you narrow their role to a specialist. Encourage them to take the lead on high-profile projects, to speak at public events, write articles and volunteer in the community. This will give them a sense of fulfillment and inspire them to be their best selves.

Create a Culture of Ownership

Empower your team to produce their own ideas and results. Trust their ability to make the right decisions, consult with the right people and meet deadlines and expectations. Small, functional teams that operate with minimal supervision allow people to feel a sense of ownership and meaning. They see results right away because they’re not bogged down by excessive bureaucracy. The goal is to be able to go from idea to delivery in a few hours.

Treat Them as a Whole Being

Top talent is going to bring a top compensation package, but make sure this is not at the expense of your team's happiness and health. Burnout is real and one of the driving factors of why top candidates leave companies. Attracting today’s top talent is about more than money. You must value them as human beings and create a place where they will grow and succeed as your company does. Keeping your team happy requires them to have a fulfilled life, both professionally and personally, because work and life are not mutually exclusive.

Ready to Find Top Talent?

ASB Resources technical recruiters will get to know your existing team and help you find the missing puzzle piece that will create a 360-degree best tech team. Reach out to our experienced technical recruiters for your next technical staffing position.

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