How to 10x Your Business Intelligence with Generative AI

How to 10x Your Business Intelligence with Generative AI

By Published On: April 30, 2023Categories: Business Intelligence

In recent times, businesses of all types and sizes are using generative AI for Business Intelligence in order to gain a competitive edge by making informed business decisions based on relevant and real time insights.

Generative AI automatically identifies trends and patterns in data, creates data simulations and predictions, and generates personalized visualizations plus dashboards that can be tailored to the specific needs of the different users. This aids in making  BI more intuitive and accessible, allowing even non-technical users to easily understand and act on the generated insights

With recent advancements in large language models like ChatGPT, generative AI has become more powerful and even more applicable in businesses. Most businesses use ChatGPT given its potential to revolutionize industries and change the way they work on a daily basis, with its ability to create original content such as text, music or images.

The benefits of applying generative AI to your business include; marketing content creation, sales development, customer support automation, data privacy, natural language processing and app development.

The role of generative AI in business is immense, as it is changing the way companies operate, streamlining processes, boosting efficiency, cutting costs, enhancing customer satisfaction and providing new growth prospects by making it possible to automate numerous jobs that were previously performed by people. In fact, a business survey carried out in 2022 confirms that 86% of CEOs view AI as a vital aspect of their day-to-day operations.

Business Intelligence and Generative AI

Across the world, business executives are looking for ways to leverage generative AI in order to gain advantage over their competition. Here are some of the ways generative AI could be applied to effectively harness business intelligence.

Generative AI for ProActive Decision Making

Using generative AI in BI not only helps to make BI more intuitive and accessible to end users, it also potentially drives more proactive decision making. In the area of predictive analytics, algorithms are used to analyze large amounts of historical data and the insights generated are used to make predictions about future events.

This helps businesses to better anticipate future market conditions, which enables more informed decision-making based on relevant, real-time insights. By simulating future market conditions, businesses can also use generative AI to identify opportunities that can be leveraged by the business for growth and expansion such as new markets, products and services. As a result, capitalizing on new business opportunities gives companies the upper hand in staying ahead of their competition.

In addition to the above, generative AI is essential for proactive decision making under risk management. Once data has been analyzed and future market conditions are predicted, businesses can identify potential risks before they occur. This assists in managing risks through implementation of mitigation strategies and adjusting of investment portfolios, budgets plus operations.

A Human-Centered Approach to BI through Generative AI

As the disconnect between traditional BI and the needs of the people became increasingly apparent, many businesses began looking for solutions that shift the paradigm of analytics and business intelligence towards a more human-centered approach.

Generative AI drives this shift towards a more human-centered approach through automatically identifying patterns in data, creating predictions, and generating personalized visualizations and dashboards that can be tailored to the specific needs of different users. By focusing on the needs of end users, generative AI can help to make BI more intuitive and accessible, allowing all users to easily understand and act on the generated insights.


As the technology and data landscape evolves, it is important for businesses to pay attention to developments in the field of generative AI to stay ahead of the competition. The future of BI lies in the ability to use data and technology to drive decision-making that is customized to the needs of the users. Generative AI is a necessary tool for creating personalized, intuitive and engaging BI solutions that are more likely to be adopted and used effectively.

Has your business applied generative AI to gain an advantage over the competition?

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