How Small Businesses Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence

How Small Businesses Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence

By Published On: March 19, 2021Categories: Tech Trends

Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. Forbes predicts  that AI will be the primary driver of emerging technologies like big data and robotics.

While AI is traditionally associated with large multinational firms, it offers great opportunities for small businesses too to unlock previously unavailable productivity and results:

Improve Marketing and Sales with an AI-Infused CRM

Integrating and centralizing customer hub consolidates all customer data, like contact details, social media activity and service history.  This provides great understanding of each customer that is available in real-time. Insights from this analysis can be used to target special offers, resolve service issues, create personalized experiences, boost satisfaction, and inform marketing strategies.

Salesforce and other CRM vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Perxi and Oracle are all rolling out CRM products with more AI-enabled features.

Automate Customer and Staff Communications/ Automate repetitive tasks

AI-powered chatbots can do various tasks such as handling multiple manual tasks, troubleshooting, and interacting with potential customers. These bots can share essential data, helping a large number of customers 24/7 with limited supervision. They can also help the business understand actual customer needs in order to identify complex problems by proactively starting a conversation with customers.

Streamlining Human Resource Tasks

AI makes Talent Management easy through training, performance review and employee feedback. AI also eases the recruitment process by eliminating Candidate exaggerations, company exaggerations, thus creating ideal candidates.

Competitive Intelligence/Competitor Analysis

Sentiment analysis, sometimes referred to as opinion mining, leverages machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) by analyzing social media posts, news, or reviews and gauge public opinion about a product or a service.

AI-powered software monitors your competitors' activity across multiple platforms, identifies their strengths and weaknesses, and reveals product and service gaps.

For example, Airfare Insights helps air carriers keep tabs on relevant fare changes in the marketplace and adjust their pricing strategies for more significant profit margins.

Boost Your Cyber Security

AI relies on multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. AI ensures all systems are patched and updated, makes backup copies and provides VPNs if needed for implementing mobile devices’ protection.

AI can launch applications, check email, move or back up files, upload or download, and send email.

Increase Productivity

AI automates the execution of simple tasks and enhances the ability to perform complex tasks. Automating some tasks allows workers to maximize more on critical areas of their profession.

For example, a startup company collecting data relating to purchasing trends and customer patterns, but needs resources to sift through all the information, without taking valuable time away from day-to-day operations.

Specializations of AI in agriculture such as greenhouse automationmodeling, simulation, and optimization techniques are necessary due to the fact that increases in population and growth of demand for food in the near future. There will be at least a 70% increase in yields from agriculture to sustain the new demand.

Legal Analysis

Artificial intelligence has become a mainstay component in law-related professions. This analytics crunching technology uses algorithms and machine learning and do work that was previously done in law firms by entry-level lawyers

Reducing Costs

AI in transport provides safe, efficient, and reliable transportation which in turn minimizes the impact on the environment and communities. AI-based driver-assist features for example self-parking and advanced cruise controls  have been used in optimizing traffic management applications, which thus reduces waiting times, fuel use, and emissions.

Is your small business using any artificial intelligence tools?

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