Get Your Resume To The Top By Listing These 3 Cybersecurity Skills

Get Your Resume To The Top By Listing These 3 Cybersecurity Skills

By Published On: March 4, 2019Categories: Career Advice

The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly evolving as well as the severity and persistence of cyberattacks. This makes cybersecurity experts in high demand. If you are considering a career change in the next few months, get your resume noticed by developing these three cybersecurity skills.

Think Like a Black Hat

Black hat is a term for offensive security by thinking more like a hacker. It is more useful to anticipate attacks and prepare with contingency plans than reacting to an attack and doing damage control. Having a proactive approach for security is extremely important for a cybersecurity expert. The common industry phrase has been “It’s not IF you get hacked; it’s WHEN you get hacked.” By always preparing and testing your offensive security through penetration testing, you are validating your security perimeter and ensuring your defenses are secure.

Risk Analysis, Risk Tolerance, and Mitigation

Identifying risks before a security event happens is step one. Step two is assigning a risk tolerance score to your high-impact security events. Once you have identified the most harmful security threats you can develop a mitigation plan.

A recent survey reported by Intel Security ranked risk mitigation as one of the skills that most companies will consider outsourcing in the years to come. This means a high demand field for those information security experts possessing this particular skill.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection (IDS) software has been commonplace in enterprise security tool stacks for the last 3-5 years. IDS monitors and detects potential threats or suspicious activity in real time and immediately contains them to determine if the threat is real or a false alarm (false positives). IDS systems require continuous “tuning” to filter out false positives. Tuning is a daily, ongoing role of the security team.

Vendors offer their own certifications for IDS management, popular IDS certifications by vendor include McAfee NSP, AlienVault and Snort. Getting the vendor certification will boost your resume to the top of the pile. However, coupling a vendor certification along with strong generally recognized certifications like Certified Information Security Manager and Certified Information Systems Security Professional will really make a strong case of your commitment to the cybersecurity profession.

Your next cybersecurity role may be right around the corner.

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