Do You Have An IT Resilience Plan?

Do You Have An IT Resilience Plan?

By Published On: May 6, 2019Categories: Project Solutions

In those halcyon days of IT yore, recovery from a critical systems failure likely meant restoring a tape backup. This restore process took some valuable time, and employees typically had to deal with losing some of their work. However, in this modern era of supercharged business velocity and high availability, that old school recovery model simply won’t work.

The near-instantaneous recovery of data and applications in event of a failure is essential in today’s competitive economy. Enter IT Resilience (ITR). Among other functionality, this new paradigm leverages a new Cloud-based service model known as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Let’s take a closer look at why creating an IT Resilience plan is an important part of your company’s technical operations.


What is IT Resilience?

Simply put, IT Resilience protects an organization’s data and applications from any kind of failure. It involves a set of policies, tools and applications aimed the instantaneous recovery from server failure, hacking incidents or any other kind of IT operations disaster. For example, an ITR-enabled bot running on a network automatically scans for malware, while taking action to remove it before causing any harm to the company’s systems.

In addition to the real-time detection of cyber threats lurking on servers, desktops and other devices, ITR applications also analyze stored backups for all forms of malware. Whenever a system is compromised, the application is able to quickly perform a safe restore of data. Some ITR software is even able to balance workloads between on-premise servers and the Cloud.

Developing the Right ITR Plan for Your Company

Since IT Resilience is somewhat related to an organization’s existing disaster recovery procedures, development of an ITR plan needs to be part of that overall process. This is also the case with the business’s current backup and restore function. Consider placing both functions under an ITR umbrella.

Finding the right ITR software able to manage this recovery process, from a small malware incident to a full weather-related disaster, is part of this approach. As the ITR market continues to emerge, Gartner and other business research companies now provide analysis of the leading vendors in this space. Selecting a company from their “magic quadrant” is a smart approach for businesses new to IT Resilience planning.

Ultimately, it’s the best way for protecting your systems in an increasingly complex – and competitive – technology market.

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