Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

By Published On: May 6, 2020Categories: Career Advice

There has never been a better time to be working in tech, especially if you work in the US.

According to the latest Global Knowledge annual IT Skills and Salary report – the most comprehensive global study of tech professionals – the average annual salary for IT decision makers in the US hit a record high of $141,024 for 2019.

Breaking It Down…

Globally, cloud computing was identified as the most lucrative functional area to work in today with an average annual salary of $115,889, followed by IT architecture and design ($98,580), project management ($98,344), and cybersecurity ($97,322).

The report also highlighted the following as most popular certifications in the IT world today:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. ITIL 
  3. CompTIA
  4. Project management
  5. Red Hat
  6. Google Cloud
  7. Microsoft 
  8. Cisco
  9. Citrix 
  10. VMware
  11. AWS


With the following as the highest-paying certifications around the world:

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional ($120,136) 
  2. GCP Cloud Architect ($118,756)
  3. CISSP ($116,573)
  4. GCP Data Engineer ($114,888)
  5. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate ($114,800)
  6. TOGAF 9.1 ($111,984)
  7. Project Management Professional (PMP) ($111,196)
  8. AWS Certified Developer – Associate ($111,178)
  9. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate ($110,429)
  10. GCP Associate Cloud Engineer ($106,044)

The Rise of Cross Certifying

While these salaries are remarkable on their own, this Global Knowledge report found and highlighted that IT professionals stand to earn even more if they cross-certify their skills.

Salaries for North American IT professionals in particular were found to rise by more than 2% with each additional certification earned (especially AWS certifications), as shown in the chart below.

"What we've seen is if you don't have any AWS certifications and then you add an AWS certification and move into that area with those certifications you already have, you're positioning yourself for a higher salary," Zane Schweer, lead researcher for the report explained.

"That's because cloud computing has roared onto the scene in the past decade," Schweer noted. "These cloud architects and cloud engineers who are designing and building these companies systems and infrastructures are foundational components of an organization." 

"If you don't have the right people there, then you're on a sandy foundation that could easily wash away. That's why we noticed that when you move into cloud —particularly AWS because AWS is the leading provider in the cloud space right now—that those skills are highly sought after."

As shown above, IT professional in the US have a unique opportunity to enjoy a higher salary by cross-certifying their skills. They should therefore grab this golden opportunity by prioritizing the acquisition of advanced knowledge and certification for their high-demand specialties.

Here are resources to use for starting the journey to securing these lucrative IT certifications today: AWS, GCP, CISSP, TOGAF, PMP, Cisco, Citrix, CompTIA, ITIL, Microsoft, Red Hat, Linux and VMware.

Are You Getting Paid What You Deserve?

IT professionals are in greater demand especially in the midst of this ongoing COVID-19 crisis forcing companies all over the world to fast-track their digital adoption and scale their remote working capabilities. If you aren’t capitalizing on certifications and specialties, you could be leaving money on the table.

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