Are Millennials Changing The Scope Of Your IT Recruiting?

Are Millennials Changing The Scope Of Your IT Recruiting?

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The millennial generation continues to influence the technology industry in a myriad of ways. One area where their impact is noticeable involves the recruiting process, as this unique cohort of professionals boasts different career goals and priorities compared to earlier generations. IT organizations need to consider these differences when crafting their tech staffing plans.

Let’s look more closely at what IT companies need to do to attract, hire and retain millennial technology talent. In fact, these same insights are likely applicable to Generation Z as well. Use this information for a better-informed staffing process.

Offer a Rich Variety of Interesting Work

Millennials want to work in a fast-paced environment known for interesting projects. Naturally, this is something that applies to most technology organizations. Make it a point to highlight these aspects of your company culture on your website and in any materials used when recruiting candidates.

Provide an Opportunity to Learn and a Career Ladder to Success

Tech professionals from the millennial generation typically possess a strong desire for learning and advancement. Your company needs to offer a robust training program covering the latest tech skills, like machine learning, mobile app development and data analytics. Offering tuition reimbursement as a benefit is another useful perk for attracting younger candidates, as it is provides a career ladder to future opportunities.

Add a requirement to stay on for a period of time after accepting tuition assistance for a boost to your company’s retention rate.

Foster a Culture Focused on Teamwork and Collaboration

An office culture known for teamwork and open communication is very attractive to millennial IT pros. Software development companies using Agile and/or DevOps as part of their project methodology benefit from this affinity when recruiting candidates from this generation. Additionally, a casual and fun environment that’s still hardworking seems to be a perfect fit for many.

Support a Meaningful Work-Life Balance

Balancing their personal and professional lives remains the goal of many IT professionals, but it is especially important to millennials. Offering certain perks like flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home goes a long way in providing the right work-life balance to your employees. Once again, emphasize this information when recruiting candidates for the most positive impact on your company’s staffing efforts.

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