A Thank-You Note From ASB Resources

A Thank-You Note From ASB Resources

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Cheers to you and happy 2019!

January is a time for reflection.

For me and my team, we take an honest and nonjudgmental review of the past year’s challenges and accomplishments. And like most other businesses, we take time to look to the future and map out our goals and objectives.

As I reflect at 2018 and think about opportunities in 2019, these are my thoughts,

2018 in Review
We had several notable accomplishments in 2018, including receiving two prestigious awards.  The most recent was November’s announcement of our placement at 16th out of 50th in NJBIZ Fast 50 list.

The second notable accomplishment happened earlier in the year when we accelerated our ranking in INC. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List. Not only did we place within the top 1000, with a rank of #879, we also are in the Top 20 IT System Development companies and are ranked #24 of Top New Jersey Companies.

These were great accomplishments that happened because of the dedicated team at ASB Resources and our growing client base. Thank you!

2018 Staffing Challenges

It probably is no surprise the unemployment rate is at a rare low of 3.9 percent according to an article in the NY Times. This presents challenges for businesses and organizations that have a very competitive recruitment landscape, such as information technology, engineering and project management.

In addition to unemployment being the lowest rate since 2000, employers are looking at adding more staff throughout 2019. Wages have also increased. In 2018, the increase was 2.6 percent according to the same NY Times article.

Why is this a ‘challenge’? Well to the job seeker, it’s a fabulous opportunity. But to the employer, it’s a tighter job market with higher wages that can make hiring difficult if you aren’t continuously recruiting.

2019 Staffing Opportunities

When the employment market gets as competitive as it is today, employers need to become creative with their recruiting, retention and compensation strategies and policies. Throughout 2018 we saw many trends in recruiting top talent for information technology professionals.

Here are some of the top trends we anticipate continuing into 2019:

Outsourcing Your IT – It’s a big decision whether to hire in-house talent or outsource tech talent. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of both scenarios and provide sound advice when deciding what is the best course of action for your company.

Shorter and Smarter Interviewing – This starts with creating the right job description and flows to how many interviews your candidates are asked to participate in. Once the candidates are in front of you, smart interviewing includes having more conversations and less Q&A .

Retention – You Got Them, Now You Need to Keep Them! In our employee retention blog series, we discuss how mid-year reviews help retention, how to make remote employees feel connected, and the all-very-important top-level benefits that recruit and retain employees.

Better and Smarter Hiring in 2019

As you map out your goals and objectives for 2019, keep your recruitment and project staffing needs top of mind. There are creative and cost-effective strategies we can help with, whether it be outsourcing, temporary project staffing or finding that top leadership executive that will drive your business growth.

I wish you and your team a happy and prosperous 2019. Reach out to me and my team for any of your staffing needs.

Best wishes,

Mohamed Bakerywala

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