A Five-Minute Guide To Ensuring Your Data Is Protected

A Five-Minute Guide To Ensuring Your Data Is Protected

By Published On: April 30, 2019Categories: Career Advice

With nefarious cybercriminals in the news seemingly on a daily basis, keeping your business and employee data protected is paramount. The risks are numerous: identity theft, stolen customer data or even the hacking of the company’s technical infrastructure. Since the demand for experienced information security professionals remains high, making sure all your employees know how to protect data is vital.

What follows are a few simple steps to protect business data and personal data. Spending a few minutes each day is all that’s required. Leverage these ideas to keep hackers from adversely impacting your business operations.

Keep Your Technical Infrastructure Updated

Companies manufacturing IT hardware are on the front lines of the battle against hackers. As such, these firms regularly release patches and updates fixing the vulnerabilities that get exploited for cyber crime. Work with your IT team to ensure all servers, network equipment, computers and mobile devices stay up to date with the latest patches.

This rule also applies to any personal employee devices accessing your network. Don’t forget about any equipment on the IoT as well.

Two-Factor Authentication is a Must

Requiring two-factor authentication for anyone logging on to your company’s network is a must. This technique adds an extra layer of security preventing nefarious agents from accessing your systems, applications and data. Consider investing in some form of biometrics – fingerprint scanning, facial recognition – for an even more secure network.

Require Your Employees to Use a Password Manager

Keeping track of a host of passwords can be a hassle, which sometimes leads to employees reusing the same password for multiple accounts. What happens if a hacker gets access to a password from an employee’s online shopping account that happens to be the same one they use to access your company’s network?

Because of this risk, make sure your employees use a password manager. Additionally, require they use strong passwords for any corporate accounts.

Make Data Privacy and Security a Priority at Your Company

Ultimately, data privacy and security need to be part of your organizational culture. Dedicate a section of your employee handbook to your practices on data security. Include a section on personal devices if your company has a BYOD policy. A strong focus in this area ensures data protection for the business and its employees.

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