8 Traits According To Google To Look For In Future Executives

8 Traits According To Google To Look For In Future Executives

By Published On: January 2, 2019Categories: Career Advice

Every hire is important. When hiring future executives, there are eight traits that Google looks for as indicators in what makes a great manager.

As you review and refresh your executive screening and interviewing process for 2019, think of creative ways to determine if the candidates you are interviewing have these behavioral traits.

1. Is a Good Coach

A good coach learned early in their career that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching and training. We all have learning styles that help us absorb information more quickly than other types. A good coach understands teaching methodology, looks for the desired outcomes and tailors their coaching approach for different team members learning styles. This is true in both team and individual coaching.

2. Favors Empowerment Over Micromanagement

Micromanagement often happens without managers realizing what they are doing. It is frequently a result of, “I can do it faster and better” or “My way is the best way.” This frustrates management and discourages growth. Successful managers offer the right balance of freedom and advice that shows trust in their employees.

3. Creates an Inclusive Team Environment

There is a lot of talk lately of empathy being one of the main human characteristics that artificial intelligence cannot replicate. Great managers express interest in their team members well-being and success. Inclusive teams are not just a representation of cultural, ethnic or gender diversity, inclusive teams ensure daily contribution and recognition on a continual basis from each team member.

4. Is Results Oriented

Successful leadership understands that process is important, but the outcome, i.e., “results” is the true end game. By keeping the team focused on results and communicating the desired outcomes in frequent interactions, you are ensuring the team is working towards mutual goals.

5. Listens and Shares Information

Communicating effectively is a basic element of being a good manager. Listening, asking questions and showing curiosity in the answers given demonstrates your interest in your teams’ views and opinions. Sharing information from top leadership demonstrates to your team that you are keeping them informed. 

6. Has a Clear Vision/Strategy for the Team

A clear and shared vision helps members of your team work together. There is certainty when everyone understands their role and responsibilities and that of others.

7. Is a Strong Decision Maker

Strong decision makers tell the team what decisions were made and explain why they’ve made them. This helps the team understand the context and priorities as well as staying engaged. 

8. Supports Career Development and Discusses Performance

Good managers provide honest feedback on job expectations and performance. They should also help their team develop skills that will advance their careers while adding value to the company.

What Traits Does Your Company Seek?

When you are hiring for executive leadership what traits do you look for? What would you add or remove from Google’s list? As you plan your recruiting strategy for 2019, remember your staffing partners at ASB Resources are here to assist you in recruiting, interviewing and evaluating top leadership talent. Reach out to one of our experienced executive recruiters today.

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