6 Effective Interview Conversations That Guarantee A Top Talent Executive

6 Effective Interview Conversations That Guarantee A Top Talent Executive

By Published On: September 12, 2018Categories: Management Tips

Executive recruiters not only find the top talented information technology executives, they know what conversations will provide an accurate assessment to confirm that your final candidate has the abilities, ideas and innovation to be an immediate impact performer at your organization.

First, Toss Out the Questions and Have Conversations.

Executive-level recruitment is a challenge. Add to the mix that technology leaders are highly intelligent and avid researchers. Let’s accept they have researched and networked with employees, past and present, about your company’s interview format, questions, culture and environment.

Now, let’s talk about what conversations will allow the candidates to demonstrate their leadership, competence, intelligence, innovation and ideas.

Second, Mix it Up.

Assuming your company used an executive recruiter, you should have narrowed the personal interview to two or three final candidates. These behavioral-style interview questions are designed for top-tier executive talent that can draw from years of experience.

Of the six conversations presented below, provide the candidates three conversations in advance and reserve three for the on-site interview. This will allow you to evaluate their strategic responses as well as their gut-response and reaction.

How do they identify and solve problems?

1. Identify the problem – Provide an outline of a procedure or process your company has already identified as problematic. Ask the candidate to document where they see potential problems.

2. Prioritize the problems – Provide three true company scenarios where there is a clear business problem. Ask the candidate to rate them in order of immediate action and for a brief action plan of resolution.

Are they a forward-looking leader?

3. Identify technology innovations/changes – Ask the candidate what three technology innovations and changes over the next five years will impact the business most dramatically. Request what opportunities could be gained with planning and execution.

In contrast, what weakness could be exposed if the action was to ‘do nothing’?

4. Identify industry trends/changes – Referring to their current role, ask the candidate for an example of an industry trend they identified in advance. Have them review a timeline/project plan from identification to project/process execution and evaluation.

How do they innovate and continuously learn?

5. Implementing innovation and change – Ask the candidate to describe how they lead their organization through a project or process that created change and innovation.

  • What was the outcome?
  • What would you do different today?

6. Subject Matter Expert (SME) – Ask the candidate about an area they are a SME in. Follow up and ask them what they need to do to maintain their cutting-edge knowledge.

Third, and Final Assessment

With the conversations outlined, now it is time to plan for candidate assessment. You’ll want to identify what are the desirable responses and create a rubric to weigh and assess each response objectively.

Turnkey Executive Staffing Solutions

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