5 Employee Benefits Top-Level Executives Look For In A Job Offer

5 Employee Benefits Top-Level Executives Look For In A Job Offer

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Executive recruitment for C-suite leadership is specialized to professional recruiting firms, like ASB Resources, for a reason. We’ve seen all too many times, the perfect CISO, Project Lead or Data Scientist accept another offer, not because of the salary, but because of the benefits package. Learn about the five benefits executives are seeking in a senior management job offer.

What Does Senior Management Desire?

According to the Harvard Business Reviews’ The Most Desirable Employee Benefits report, the perception of desirable benefits changes based on the income level. When researching executive compensation packages, the following benefits are considered the most desirable, from a scale of 1 to 100:

88%                      Better health, dental and vision insurance
88%                      More flexible hours
80%                      More vacation time
80%                      Work from home
68%                      Unlimited vacation

Closely following the 60% of desirable benefits, followed:
48%                      Student loan assistance
44%                      Tuition assistance

The Changing C-Suite, Changes Benefits Requests

To human resource and hiring managers, it’s clear the tides have changed on how management considers new career opportunities by the benefits packages offered. This could come from more gender equality in the workplace, or age and lifestyle diversification, either way, preparing for versatile benefits packages that are not a one-size-fits-all may be the way to accommodate a new and diverse upcoming C-suite.

Create a Benefits Menu

Allowing your executive team to pick and choose the benefits package the best suits their current lifestyle could be the solution to successful executive recruitment. Consider a benefits allowance plan that includes the wants and needs of millennials, gen-Xers and baby boomers, in the different life stages of adulthood – as well as those seeking professional development through training or tuition assistance programs.

ASB Resources is Your Expert Executive Recruitment Partner

Turn to the experienced professionals at ASB Resources for all your executive recruitment need. We take the mystery out of salary packages, benefits and all the other details of executive recruitment and negotiation. Contact ASB Resources today.

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