4 Traits You Should Look For In An IT Executive

4 Traits You Should Look For In An IT Executive

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Leaders can make or break organizations. It is a leader who sets the tone for the environment around them and can either be a benefit or detriment to a business. When looking to fill an IT executive role, it’s essential you fill the position with a professional who will be a great leader who can drive results. So, what are the traits to look for in your next IT executive?

The Traits of Successful IT Executives

While technical knowledge in an IT executive is essential, it’s the soft skills that will determine their effectiveness as a leader. At the executive level, most of the job is managing people and the programs those people support. It’s this management requirement that dictates the traits that will determine whether an IT executive will be successful. 


When looking for leaders, one of the most important traits is humility. A humble leader inspires a healthy work environment for those around them. This healthy environment allows creative thinking and collaboration to exist which drives results. Also, employees are more likely to respect a humble leader versus a leader who is egocentric and a braggart. Executives who are known for being full of themselves and selfish are known to create toxic and unproductive work situations.


Intelligence may seem like a given, but the idea of intelligence goes deeper than perceived book smarts. An essential part of intelligence is the ability to think with creativity and at the same time be able to conceptualize a vision. A good leader also has strong emotional intelligence. An emotionally intelligent leader can gauge the energies of those around them and use this to bring out the best in each employee. When a leader is emotionally intelligent, they can approach problems, especially issues with interpersonal relationships, more easily, which allows these conflicts to quickly be diffused.


A leader who is passionate will inspire those they lead. An executive who displays passion allows those around them to easily “buy into” approaches and concepts. Also, an executive who is passionate about their work will be more dedicated and committed even when problems arise.

Communication Skills

For an IT executive, excellent communication skills are critical for success. Thus, it’s imperative an executive can effectively and efficiently communicate with many types of stakeholders in all situations. Communication skills should also include the ability to precisely present an idea, and then be questioned about that idea. Also, an executive should know how and when to listen, as listening is an essential (and oft forgotten) part of communication.

Ready to find your next IT executive?

Finding the right IT professional to fill an executive position is not an easy task. By looking for specific traits in prospective executives, it can make the job easier. When in doubt, it's best to consult a professional recruiter.

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