4 Business Intelligence Trends You Need To Be Aware Of Now

4 Business Intelligence Trends You Need To Be Aware Of Now

By Published On: September 7, 2018Categories: Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a growing and emerging practice area that is driving improvements across many industries. With such fast growth, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest developments in the practice. So, what are the current trends in Business Intelligence today?

BI’s Top 4 Trends

#1: Analytics You Can See

Visual analytics is becoming a massive trend in BI. Charts and graphs can help users spot trends and abnormalities faster and with more ease. This approach also makes data accessible for many different types of end users.

#2: Improvements in Employee Performance Using BI

Many industries are utilizing BI to improve employee performance, especially in the sales and warehousing industry. In the sales industry, employee communications with clients can be accessed via interaction reports. With the data points gleaned from these reports, performance enhancements and improvements can be made. In the warehousing industry, time and management reports can provide data points to assess employee productivity. These data points can be used to improve or reward performance.

#3: Using Unstructured Data 

Up until recently, unstructured data got lost in the BI equation. This was due, in part, to this information being too complicated to organize. However, new BI tools such as Hadoop Appliance, provide the necessary capabilities to process this unstructured, once lost, data.

#4: BI on the Go

Mobile BI has grown significantly over the last year. This is due to the rise of smartphone and associated apps that have allowed for greater BI accessibility. Studies show that companies who use mobile BI get their information in a more timely, organized fashion. Because of this, they can harness data and drive results within their organizations quicker and more efficiently.

Looking to incorporate Business Intelligence in your company?

BI is becoming a driving force in the business world. Companies that utilize BI have a clear advantage in the ability to extract data that provides corporate improvements and enhancements. When the time comes to put BI to work in your organization, it’s time to turn to the experts at ASB Resources. At ASB Resources, we are proven business solutions providers. We can aid in your inclusion of BI into your business and start moving your company into the future. Connect with one of our top staffing specialists today!

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