3 Ways To Overcome Executive Recruiting In Low Unemployment

3 Ways To Overcome Executive Recruiting In Low Unemployment

By Published On: February 11, 2019Categories: Management Tips

Nearly a third of the 388 metropolitan areas tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has an unemployment rate below 4 percent; well below the level economists consider “full employment,” the normal churn of people quitting to find new jobs.

For job seekers, this is great news. More opportunity, better pay and more perks. The more in-demand roles, like data scientists, business analytics, and information security professionals are receiving recruitment inquiries on a frequent basis.

Here Are Three Ways Successful Companies Are Recruiting Top Talent

Elevate Your Company’s Profile by Becoming an Employer of Choice

There are many factors that contribute to becoming an employer of choice (EOC), but the primary drivers are:

  • Pay and benefits
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Communication
  • Perks

When you are an EOC, top talent seeks out your opportunities. But becoming an EOC takes a long-term leadership-driven commitment. First, there needs to be competitive research done on what other EOC companies are doing successfully. You can conduct this research by doing exit interviews with employees moving onto other jobs, or use Glassdoor, LinkedIn and social media to get answers to these 10 questions:

  1. What do they offer for pay/benefits?
  2.  What recruitment methods do they use?
  3.  Where are they located?
  4.  What is the culture like?
  5.  What types of positions do they have, and are they similar to mine?
  6.  What tools/training do they provide to their employees?
  7. What kinds of perks/rewards do they offer?
  8.  What are the leaders like at this organization?
  9. What’s the community and industry perception of them?
  10. What’s the demographic breakdown of their staff?


2. Examine Your Recruitment, Interview and Hiring Process

How does your recruitment funnel look? Are you getting enough candidates to make a competitive selection? When you narrow the selection to the top 3-5 candidates, what is the interview process and how long does it take? In a tight job market, it is critical to have a thorough, but quick interview, selection and job offer process. Keep in mind, if candidates are interviewing with your company, they are interviewing elsewhere. Long, drawn-out interview processes throw red flags at candidates, and they will draw the conclusion that your business processes will be slow as well.

3. Partner With an Experienced Recruiting Firm

For employers trying to recruit top talent in the executive recruiting arena, low employment makes it hard to find, recruit and retain the best workforce. Successful companies have learned that they need to be creative in their executive recruiting strategy, and in this competitive environment, it is best to work with an experienced recruitment firm that knows your business goals and will look for candidates that will fit your culture.

The days of internal human resources relying on Indeed.com and job board postings won’t get you top talent. You’ll be overwhelmed with applicants that may not be qualified technically or are looking for the wrong reasons. Instead, partner with an experienced recruiting firm, like ASB Resources to get access to the top talent.

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