3 TED Talks To Improve Your Knowledge On Data Analytics

3 TED Talks To Improve Your Knowledge On Data Analytics

By Published On: March 4, 2019Categories: Business Intelligence

Are you curious to know more about data analytics and how it can be used to help grow your business? Every industry from retail to banking and finance, to medical and manufacturing, is now dependent on data to understand what drives their buyers (clients, customers, patients) behavior.

Whether you are just starting to explore incorporating data analytics into your business or you’ve been a data geek for several years, TED Talk has several videos that will explain this and future trends for data analytics for your business.

Data Analytics for Beginners

If you love sports, this TED Talk on data analytics is going to be an interesting watch as Rajiv Maheshwaran points out why data analytics can be a win or a lose situation not only in sports but also in business.

He uses an analogy of basketball and builds on why machine learning is coming to the aid of firms to quantify every aspect of business through the use of data analytics. The importance of movement tracking becomes even more relevant as you watch the video here.

Use Data to Impact Your Daily Life

Remember when you enjoyed visualizing a story being told with all the beautiful details, the color, and the shape peppered with a little bit of humor?

Ben Wellington takes us through the same journey as he narrates his experiments with data analytics in this TED Talk. Casual observations in NYC with City Bike riders, geography data of parking tickets,  and taxi incoming/outgoing riders lead him to real, but funny insightful conclusions of human behavior.

These interesting insights once published on his blog went viral, thereby generating curiosity in the concept of storytelling in data analytics. His key takeaways are keeping it simple with analytics, watch his TED Talk here.

Power of Psychographics in Data Analytics

This TED Talk on the use of psychographics and data analytics gives an insight into how marketing can effectively embrace data analytics to personalize data to different demographics, geographies and individual predictive behavior.

It takes it further by explaining how offline data can be beneficial to companies. By taking the example of Ted Cruz, during the 2016 election, the TED talk revolves around the discussion that businesses have to actively segregate their customers under the psychographic segmentation and use data analytics to understand it further.

Future of Data Analytics

Data analytics is no longer just for enterprise organizations. Small and medium-size businesses have been digging into customer behavior to predict or influence desirable actions for the last few years. If your company is just starting out on data analytics and needs guidance on where and what data to start with, reach out to the data analytic professionals at ASB Resources today.

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