3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Contract Hiring

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Contract Hiring

By Published On: December 5, 2018Categories: Management Tips

Outsourcing tech talent or hiring in-house? It’s a question all businesses, from SMBs to enterprise organizations, struggle with. There are often three determining benefits that tilt the decision to outsourcing your information technology team, they are: expertise, cost and flexibility.

Finding the Expertise

New technology deployments involve recruiting and retaining in-demand IT experts in the areas of software development, coding, project planning, validation and testing, integration and deployment. Within most of the United States, the high demand for this tech talent makes this a long recruitment process. Within our 50 states, we simply do not have the talent needed for most companies to hire highly skilled, short-term technical experts.

By outsourcing your IT through contract hiring you remove the geography obstacle, allowing you to focus on finding the most qualified, available and affordable IT talent for your project.

Outsourcing your IT contract hiring, is not just for short-term projects either. With diverse IT expertise, you can outsource your IT maintenance, technical support, email and chat communications and any repeatable tasks that can be taught to others.

India is by far the most mature IT outsourcing destination with a wide range of technology-driven services that can give your business a competitive edge.

Saving Money, Lots of Money

Setting up an in-house team is time-consuming and expensive, and this is just for the human capital. Also factor in any additional IT infrastructure and physical space that is required for a new or expanded IT department.

When businesses outsource technical support, projects, and other repetitive tasks, they save enough time and resources to focus on their core tasks. The support functions, on the other hand, are taken care of by the experienced staff of the external outsourcing agency. Allowing your IT team to focus on strengthening the core processes and meet your customers’ needs more efficiently.

Outsourcing your IT projects and repetitive tasks outside of the United States saves significant money. A DevOps specialist in the United States makes on average of $120k per year, while in India the same role pays $20k annually.

Flexing Your Flexibility

Outsourcing your information technology provides your business the flexibility to staff according to your needs. You can hire and scale up or down based on business and project demands.

Flexibility is not just about staffing, it also is a benefit to your customers. With outsourcing customer-facing repetitive tasks like technical support, data entry, chat and email communications, your business now has a competitive advantage of extended service hours and days, allowing you to reach and serve more prospects and customers.

Is Outsourcing Your IT Solutions Right for You?

Learning more is an important first step in finding out if outsourcing your IT services and projects is right for your business. ASB Resources offers innovative outsourcing solutions for clients that want to take advantage of the benefits of IT expertise, cost and flexibility. Contact one of our outsourcing specialists to learn more.

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